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Soul Settling

Lincoln Park2

Sometimes my soul needs to breathe and settle. Sometimes I need to seek change – a new face, a new perspective. Sometimes I need to take my same walking route, but backwards, eyes open for what I’ve missed. Walking helps my soul settle…if I let it, that is. Often my thoughts take over and I don’t realize how they’ve consumed me until I become aware Read More →

Who is Valentine?

Lent began yesterday, and in addition to fasting with my church from social media (part-time), I decided that I needed to take more time to stop during my day to pray and refocus back onto Jesus. I bought Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals and am attempting to stop four times a day and read a portion. This morning’s liturgy had a paragraph on Read More →

Sharing Secrets


Even though I’m only half-way through reading it, like any good secret this book is difficult to keep to myself — so here is a quote that has inspired me. “[Jesus is] an obscure Jewish carpenter without credentials or status, without army or militia or even a weapon, without nobility or wealth, without even land or a home. With a handful of unimpressive and diverse Read More →


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“armswrappedaroundthesun” is now! When my blog started in 2010 I used it as a place to unpack my own process about what it means to be human. Now I envision using it to explore the intersections between identity, community, and the kingdom of God. In The Upside-Down Kingdom Donald Kraybill describes the kingdom of God as “a collectivity — a network of persons who Read More →