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Soul Settling

Lincoln Park2

Sometimes my soul needs to breathe and settle. Sometimes I need to seek change – a new face, a new perspective. Sometimes I need to take my same walking route, but backwards, eyes open for what I’ve missed. Walking helps my soul settle…if I let it, that is. Often my thoughts take over and I don’t realize how they’ve consumed me until I become aware Read More →



The gym bleachers never become more comfortable to sit on. For five years of college I sat on them twice a week and now, as a staff member, I shifted to find a comfortable position as the Gospel Choir exited the stage on the gym floor. I turned my attention to the speaker being welcomed to the position of authority: behind the podium. A White Read More →

Sweet Release

Hallelujah by MaMuse Every time I feel this way This, old familiar sinking I will lay my troubles Down by the water Where the river Will never run dry Hallelujah Hallelujah (I’m gonna let myself be lifted, I’m gonna let myself be lifted) Hallelujah (I’m gonna let myself be lifted) Bye and bye I will lay my troubles down by the water Where the river Read More →

Riddle Me This.


As I was driving home from work today, various men on the street and in nearby cars at three separate times yelled “hii!”, whistled, and made lewd noises at me – all in a matter of 30 minutes. As a child I was taught that it’s rude to stare at, point at, or talk loudly about other people. Even if you are pointing out something Read More →