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Guest Blog for Ruby Slippers

Soulation's Gold Gathering

My introduction to Soulation, run by the wife and husband team of Jonalyn and Dale Fincher, occurred in a burst of light when Jonalyn spoke at Biola University soon after her book Ruby Slippers: How the Soul of a Woman Brings Her Home was published. What Jonalyn breathed and what the book exuded was exactly what my soul had been craving: freedom to step into Read More →


Difficult Times

The following are a compilation of photos I’ve snapped in the day-to-day. Some looked innocent at first glance but upon further thought I found they served to perpetuate stereotypes that ‘capture’ and render us limited in our identities. Others are a glimpse into a life that can so easily be seen as ‘normal’, that is in fact, just one of many ways of seeing the Read More →

Gendered Food

Every time I attempt to tell a friend about this video I end up laughing so hard I have a hard time explaining it. So it’s best you watch it yourself.

Colonel Brandon and Marianne


I have a soft spot for period dramas – particularly ones based on novels by Jane Austen. I’m not sure if it’s the long dresses or the beautiful shots of nature or just the ‘simplicity’ of the portrayal of falling in love but somehow these types have films have escaped the grasp of my embarrassed conscience and I continue to watch them. But as I Read More →