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Justice, Spirituality, & Education Conference


Chase Andre and I will both be speaking at the Justice, Spirituality, & Education Conference at Biola University this Saturday March 16! I am speaking on Pinning Down a Cloud: Unpacking White Culture and Chase on Agapic Empathy: Engaging Perspectives Amidst a Culture War. The keynote speaker will be Stephen Bauman, CEO of World Relief, on Dare We Disturb the Universe? Doing Justice Well Today. Read More →



The gym bleachers never become more comfortable to sit on. For five years of college I sat on them twice a week and now, as a staff member, I shifted to find a comfortable position as the Gospel Choir exited the stage on the gym floor. I turned my attention to the speaker being welcomed to the position of authority: behind the podium. A White Read More →

The White Western hegemony of the Gospel and how that is ending.

It speaks for itself. Thankful for my friend Kevin and his gift for writing.


Difficult Times

The following are a compilation of photos I’ve snapped in the day-to-day. Some looked innocent at first glance but upon further thought I found they served to perpetuate stereotypes that ‘capture’ and render us limited in our identities. Others are a glimpse into a life that can so easily be seen as ‘normal’, that is in fact, just one of many ways of seeing the Read More →